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General terms

Excerpt from the General Terms

COPSIS - General terms in translation cervices 

Standard document:
Standard document is defined as a certificate issued by a municipal body, a bank or another institution. These documents contain text without graphics (images, charts, etc.) or these are not subject to description. This also applies to cases where the client confirms to the operator at the time the order is placed that the graphics will not be translated or described in any way. The total number of pages does not exceed 20 pages per document and/or language. If there is an order to translate a document with more than 20 pages of text, the latter must be discussed specifically with the operator and special prices and terms of execution must be negotiated.

Specialized text
A file consisting almost entirely of text with graphics (images, charts, etc.) which must also be translated or described. A file consisting entirely of text and/or graphics (images, charts, etc). A text or a document with specialized content or where special terminology is used. The order is discussed with an operator and the prices and terms of execution are negotiated for the specific text.

An order for translation, confirmed by both parties where the translation parameters are clearly defined:
- language(s) of translation
- number of pages
- unit price
- term of execution
- terms of payment
The order is confirmed by exchanging e-mails. Under standard conditions the execution starts after payment is received for the order, which is verified by an email describing the payment order details and the sums transferred. Every order is assigned a unique code which is used for tracking purposes. Every order is archived.

Minimum billing unit
- one page (1800 characters/page. including spaces)
- when a document package is translated, every document is subject to a separate calculation, and at least one page is charged per document.