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Basic terms

COPSIS - Basic definitions on translation cervices 

The rendering of the full content of one document from one language into another. Interpretation of content, quotes or parts of text is not allowed in official translation.

A translation verified to be true and exact with the translator’s signature and the company stamp.

A procedure where the documents are validated by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or by the Ministry of Legal Affairs. The time of execution for the specific services has been aligned with the standard processing terms of the competent authorities and institutions.

In case of delay, default or change of the time of processing on the part of the Competent Authorities, COPSIS will be free from the obligation to perform the service for the client within the specified timeline and the client shall not be eligible to seek compensation. The time for execution of the service will change without specific reference to the delay caused by the institution. COPSIS must inform the client of the delay and negotiate the terms for further processing of the order.